Agroindustrial Suramericana is a host and a central part of the Sembratón; an initiative which is part of the Bosques de Vida project, which aims to stop deforestation and to increase reforestation. It is a proposal made by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development with the support of Corantioquia. The event was held at one of our farms – La Grecia – which is located in the municipality of Salgar – Antioquia, and was attended by approximately 50 people. Around 1000 trees were planted in strategic areas, in order to create a natural barrier against wind and also the spread of diseases in coffee plants.
In the field of sustainability and responsibility, Agroindustrial stood out. We generated environmental awareness from our participation in sustainable projects, and also our crop management. Furthermore, we assigned a budget for tree maintenance for a year, which includes 3 fertilizations and 5 weed controls. Among the planted species are guayacanes, bucaros, chiminangos, melinas, samanes. This has a positive impact on the environment, mitigating current environmental issues such as erosion, carbon cycling stability and nutrient loss. The planting of these trees will take place within the existing coffee crops, as they reduce the temperature in these zones. This activity additionally helps conserve the region’s flora and fauna as it creates biological corridors. 
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