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Coseche y venda a la fija (Program)

From Colombian Department of Agriculture
This is a program that Agroindustrial Suramericana is developing in Salgar, seeking to contribute to the stabilization of coffee purchase prices, as producers carry countless government benefits, including technical support, access to credit and agricultural insurance.


Agroindustrial is present at Agroexpo 2019 in Bogota, Colombia
Participating in AGROEXPO 2019 in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development meant for our company the opportunity to show ourselves as coffee producers and processors in an international stage, opening a number of doors and potential commercial offers in the future.


Agroindustrial Suramericana, host and dynamic axis of the Sembratón; an initiative that is part of the Bosques de vida project, which aims to reforest and halt forest logging; a proposal made by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development with the support of Corantioquia.

Corredores biológicos

With respect to ecosystems, in our crops there are a number of biological corridors; understood as types of routes in which fauna and flora coexist. With agricultural activities these corridors are interrupted by planting. For this reason, Agroindustrial Suramericana works projects that help protect and strengthen these strategic areas. 
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