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Our Products

Roasted Coffee

Our high quality coffee travels directly from farm to roaster, through our brand.

Cold Brew

From an infusion of hand-picked ground coffee, one can obtain refreshing notes

Green Coffee

With our careful agricultural practices, and appropriate conditions, our coffee retains its quality from origin to destination.

Hand Picked Coffee: The purpose of this logo is to clarify that all of the coffee cherries that agrosura processes are collected only by hand and by experieced coffee harvesters. Agroindustrial Suramericana does not allow any use of harvesting tools, machinery or any other harvesting methods aside from hand-picking the coffee trees. Because of this, the coffee cherries are collected at the optimal moment and ready to be proccessed.

World Coffee Research: We partner up with the World Coffee Research institute looking for a common objective: Long-term sustainability of world coffee industry. 


You buy our product and take ownership of it with your own branding.
Keep it even simpler and have us design your bags and add your logo and coff ee name.


  • No fuss, wholesale buying. No manufacturing. We do that part for you
  • You can alter the packaging in any way because you own the legal rights
  • You’re buying quality products already tested on the market, encouraging your success
  • You provide a superb coff ee with your branding to advertise your business

Roasted CoffeeHOW DOES IT WORK?

1 – Select one of our existing roasted coff ees from the previous pages
2 – Design with your logo or the name you’ve created for your brand, printed on our bags. If you choose to design your own bag/sticker with your branding, we’ll send you the specs you’ll need once you’ve decided on a package size.


GrainPro Bags are a safe storage of dry agricultural commodities. With excellent water and air barrier properties, they safely preserve agricultural commodities without the need for chemical fumigants.


We off er you the ability to design your packaging or just print your logo/brand name on our bags. If you decide to design your own label,  you’ll need to have them prepared according the specifi cations and sent to us if you’d like us to print them. You can also choose to have your coff ee shipped to you with no label and apply your own stickers

Our business is on the forefront of new fermentation techniques, specifically  the carbonic maceration a process that allows our coffee to acquire special characteristics. This is achieved thanks to our staff, whose knowledge and hard work bring out each coffee’s unique body, notes, and texture. 
Calle 10 #42-28 Edificio Global Express 

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